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Ear, Nose, and Throat Care
for Children

At Breathe ENT in Cedar Park, TX, we understand that visiting the doctor’s office can be intimidating and overwhelming for children. Our entire staff works hard to provide a welcoming and friendly environment for families with children of all ages. Our goal is to ensure kids can be as comfortable as possible when receiving the care that they need. Ear, nose, and throat issues can be some of the most frightening for children. They make breathing difficult and are a source of a lot of pain, pressure, and discomfort in the neck, face, and head. Contact us today for exceptional care to treat these conditions.

doctor examining a baby ear

Common ENT Issues in
Infants and Children

ENT problems are prevalent in children. Since the ear, nose, and throat regions in infants and small children are not fully developed until they are much older, ENT problems and allergies are common at this age. Dr. Taheri understands the differences between adult and pediatric ENT needs and will provide the best care for you and your young ones. He discusses the most common pediatric issues, how they’re diagnosed, and treatment options to alleviate these problems in an interview with Chisolm Trail Pediatrics.

We Treat a Variety of Problems in Infants and Pediatrics

Ear Infections

Ear infections happen with the common cold, but recurring or chronic ear infections can be challenging to manage. For children, it is uncomfortable and frustrating because they don't know why they are in pain. For parents, it is even harder to provide solace. We can pinpoint the cause of ear infections to offer the most effective treatments.

Ear Tubes

Some ear infections result from fluid buildup behind the eardrum when tubes do not drain properly. Inserting small tubes within the ear canal to help with ventilation and drainage is a standard pediatric procedure to alleviate this problem.


Tongue-tie occurs in babies while developing in the womb and cannot be prevented. The string of tissue or frenulum keeps the tongue from moving well and may have to be treated for proper feeding. Treating a tongue-tie will require a quick procedure called a frenotomy. The doctor will snip the tissue with a scalpel or laser. There is very little pain involved because there are not many nerve endings or blood vessels in this area.


Tonsils can be a source of recurring tonsillitis, throat infections, and even sleep apnea. Tonsils help filter germs out of the mouth, but they harbor bacteria and cause frequent infection for some. Removing the tonsils in a tonsillectomy significantly reduces this risk.


Adenoids are the soft tissue at the back of the nasal passage. Their primary job is to trap bacteria and germs in babies and young children. As we age their role is diminished. However, as adenoids fight bacteria in children, they can become swollen and enlarged. Enlarged adenoids may be removed by adenoidectomy to alleviate breathing problems through the nose, snoring, noisy breathing, frequent sinus infections, and other associated issues.

See a Pediatric ENT Specialist Today

Book your appointment with Dr. Kevin Taheri at Breathe ENT in Cedar Park, TX to discuss any allergies or sinus infections your child is experiencing. It is essential to learn precisely what is causing the issue and what the best course of action is for relief. Over-the-counter medications will only provide temporary relief and work to address symptoms but not the root cause of the problem. Contact us to discuss long-term solutions for your child today.

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