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Allergy Testing and Treatments
in Cedar Park, TX

If you have allergies, finding relief can be difficult. For one, it can be hard to pinpoint what you are allergic to. Once the symptoms start, over-the-counter and prescription medications only treat those symptoms instead of targeting the actual allergy. At Breathe ENT in Cedar Park, TX, we offer effective allergy testing and treatments that do more than what over-the-counter medications are capable of. If you have allergies causing you discomfort, contact us for an appointment today.

Allergy Testing

Determining what a person is allergic to is the most critical step in providing effective relief. Severe allergies not only cause discomfort but can also be life-threatening. Our ENT center is equipped with state-of-the-art testing and diagnostic equipment to find exactly what you are allergic to. We will implement a plan to treat the allergy effectively. You don’t have to continue battling allergies and masking the symptoms. We are here to find a solution that works best for you.

Young woman sitting while the nurse examining her throat during visit at hospital

Allergy Injection Treatment

Allergy shots are an effective treatment plan to train your body to become tolerant of the substance(s) you’re allergic to. Much like an immunization shot for the flu or other disease, we introduce small doses of the allergen into the body. Over time, we increase the dosage amount to make your immune system less sensitive to the allergen. Building up this immunity over time is a safe and controlled way to help you create resistance to the allergic reactions you are currently having. Injections are performed conveniently here in our office.

Allergy Drop Treatments

Another form of immunotherapy to treat allergies is through the use of sublingual drops. Liquid drops are dissolved under the tongue to pass the allergen to your immune system. The drop process is the same as allergy shots, meaning that the dosage is increased over time to help build an immunity to what you’re allergic to. Both achieve the same result and are a more effective way to treat the actual condition and not just the symptoms. We can discuss both options to determine which is best for your allergies.

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